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Imagine a classroom where school work improves the planet!

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One in five people who live in the United States—55 million children, teachers, administrators, nurses and janitors—spend their days in K–12 schools. Schools can, and should, provide a healthy environment for students and staff, promote ecological sustainability, reduce consumption patterns, and teach students to be environmental stewards of their communities and of the earth and its resources.

For more than 30 years, Project Learning Tree® (PLT) has provided environmental education, professional development, and curriculum materials to PreK-12 teachers.  PLT’s supplementary curricula help teachers address teaching objectives while helping students learn the critical thinking skills they need to make responsible decisions about the environment.  PLT helps young people learn how to think, not what to think about complex environmental issues.  

PLT doesn’t just increase student awareness of environmental issues through classroom studies.  It helps students transfer their knowledge into positive environmental action in schools and communities. Through its GreenWorks! service-learning program, for example, PLT provides grants for students to “learn by doing” in hands-on projects that improve an aspect of their community’s environment.

PLT’s GreenSchools! program, in partnership with the US Forest Service, and the Corporation for National and Community Service, provides a blueprint for educators, students, environmental and health advocates, school board members, parents and interested community members to teach, learn, and engage together in creating a more green and healthy learning environment at their school.  It combines environmental education, service learning, and  leadership opportunities for students to help turn their school into a model green school.

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“Through its GreenSchools! program,  PLT provides students, teachers and school administrators a comprehensive set of tools, training, and resources for student-led Green Teams to create healthier schools.  PLT is proud to join students, parents, teachers and other educators throughout the nation in observing National Healthy Schools Day® and growing healthier indoor and outdoor learning environments for our children.”

- Kathy McGlauflin, Director, Project Learning Tree

Join Us!  Be part of the national movement to reduce the ecological footprint of our nation’s schools.